Daily lession learned

  1. I have learned how to automatically crawl asp.net websites, they are not easy, and requires Selenium to interactation and extraction.
  2. To avoid blocking by websites while scrapting, we can use vpn either programatically or manually, this makes the crawler more effective
  3. Just learn about the buffer cache when operating with files, the contents of files are not written directly into disks but resided at buffer for speed
  4. 28/03/2021: Learn how to inteprete the CIA model properly, thanks for some example from the book How cybersecurity works/li>
  5. 30/03/2021: Learn how the rm command works
  6. 04/04/2021: Learn how the pattern matching in Python 3.10
  7. 5/04/2021: Learn to be humble, to be calm, to breath deeply
  8. 08/04/2021: First impression of Rust programming language is great!
  9. 17/04/2021: Learning a programming helps me understand the other concepts in computing in general
  10. 17/04/2021: Rust provides an intuitive suggestion to fix programming errors. Great!
  11. 19/04/2021: Really understand the heap and stack by learning the Rust ownership
  12. 19/04/2021: Starts eating vegetables more often againp
  13. 03/05/2021: Understanding the fundamentals helps me feel at home when using higher level APIs
  14. 03/05/2021: Feeling that: Rust = Python + C++ :)